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Weather: Weekend, between Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 something unexpected will happen, let’s see the updates

Unexpected scenario expected for the weekendSomething unexpected awaits us next weekend.
Currently, Italy is under the dominion of a robust anticyclonic bell which takes its origins from the heart of the African continent. We named it nicely Scipiolike the great Roman politician and warrior who at the moment hangs over our heads with his load of warm stability.
This is a truly anomalous situation, exceptional if you only think that we are even experiencing a third October (i.e. a hot phase that occurs in the month of October), when before now there had always been at most one. And we are not just talking about stable weather: temperatures, in fact, continue to remain strongly above average, from North to South.

But what will happen unexpected for the last weekend of the month? No, there will not be a drastic change on the climate front. This is the surprise. In recent days it seemed that something could move right at the turn of the long Halloween and All Saints bridge, instead what is currently a solid high pressure will even become a anticyclonic monster which will tenaciously manage to the bitter end to resist any disturbing element.
In short, we will pass from Scipio the African toHalloween Monster anticyclone. The name will change, but not the substance to understand us better.

I play strength, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 they will be two days destined to pass from a meteorological point of view once again far from being autumn. The skies will often be clear or not very cloudy from North to South and all seasoned by a thermal context certainly more of a summer mold.
The only pitfalls will concern the very probable formation of dense banks of fog or mist affecting the Po Valley and some internal sectors of the Center. But not even this will be able to change the fate of an atmosphere that will continue to offer us scenarios far removed from the normal climatic standards of the end of October.

So let’s enjoy this umpteenth moment suitable for classic trips out of town, from the sea, to the mountains and lakes, waiting to see if on the horizon we begin to glimpse some signs of a return to normality.

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