Weekend, confirmed a sensational turn between Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, we reveal what will happen in Italy

Weather forecast for the weekend

All confirmed: after this stormy week, characterized by heavy rains and many thunderstorms, there will be one turning point sensational and in some ways even a little unexpected.
Over the next weekend, between Saturday 1 And Sunday 2nd October there will be a drastic change in circulation at European level, with important consequences also for Italy.

In reality, the weekend will begin again under the influence of unstable currents that will continue to flow from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean basin, causing further phenomena also in our country. In particular, in the first part of Saturday 1will still be possible residuals rainfallalso of a stormy nature, especially at CenterSouth and on the Sicily. Temperatures will also remain a few degrees below the climatic averages, due to the winds that will blow from the northern quadrants over much of the country.

The turning point will come soon after, from Sunday 2nd October. The latest updates have just confirmed this. By broadening our gaze to the entire hemispherical chessboard we can see how a vast area of high pressure which will move rapidly towards central and southern Europe. Basically, we will have a hybrid anticyclone, with both Azorian and African contributions, just as usually happens during the Summer.
A decidedly more stable and certainly much sunnier and warmer phase awaits us.
In short, the classic would have served Ottobrata.

From Sunday 2 October high pressure to recover on Italy

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