Weekend November 20-21, 2021: what to watch at the weekend in the cinema and on VOD: Netflix, HBO GO, Apple TV +?

What’s worth watching during the weekend? What to see in cinemas and on streaming platforms: Netflix, HBO GO, Apple TV +, Amazon Prime Video and others? We have reviewed the list of novelties of the most popular VOD services for you and selected a few titles. What is worth seeing on the weekend of November 20-21? See for yourself.

Weekend November 20-21, 2021: what to see in the cinema?

“French Courier”

The latest film by Wes Anderson is not only a tribute to journalists and the press, but also the storytelling itself. The film consists of a series of anecdotal stories intended to illustrate the individual articles of the last printed issue of the title newspaper. The stories are less intertwined than in the “Grand Budapest Hotel”, but the excellent acting and staging ingenuity make the production simply draws you into its world. What attracts the viewer’s attention is also a skilful game with a permanent pastel color palette, this time supplemented with … black and white, which gives surprising results.

“Ghostbusters. Legacy”

A new movie from the “Ghostbusters” series, directly referring to the famous hits of the 1980s. The new story looks at the lives of teenagers, privately the grandchildren of the original Ghostbusters crew, who accidentally discover equipment belonging to their ancestors. If they inadvertently release dangerous ghosts into a small town, they will have to do everything in their power to stop the plague they themselves have brought upon the town.

“Because there is sex in me”

The story of Kalina Jędrusik, often called “Polish Marilyn Monroe”, from which we will learn about the fate of an actress and singer who made a dizzying career. The film surprises with its form, and Maria Dębska literally draws the viewer’s attention to the screen.

“Dog Claws” (special screenings)

A drama with elements of a western. The new film by Oscar-winning Jane Campion is a story about two brothers who, on the one hand, do not respect each other too much, and on the other – cannot live without each other. When the calmer brother marries a widow, he does not expect that by doing so, he will condemn the woman to the wrath and wickedness of his brother. Outrageous fun will begin. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemmons and Kirsten Dunst.

Weekend November 20-21: what to watch on the Netflix streaming platform?

“Cowboy Bebop”

The acting version of the famous anime series about the fate of three head hunters who travel through space, wanting to catch the most wanted villains. The animated “Cowboy Bebop” enjoyed great acclaim from viewers and critics alike, and according to many, Netflix threw its hoe into the sun in an attempt to make its own version of the cult series. However, the creator of the original, Shinchiro Watanabe, is one of the producers of the project, which gives hope that the Americans did not completely spoil the idea, which could bring great results.

“Tiger King”, season 2

Continuation of the famous hit of Netflix, looking at the life of the breeder of “big cats” Joe Exotica, describing the events after the end of the 1st season, including requests for intercession and pardon from the hands of the President of the United States. The new episodes promise to be as crazy as the ones that delighted viewers at the beginning of 2020.

“Tick, Tick … Boom!”

The directorial debut of Pulitzer and other award-winning artist Lin Manuel-Miranda, creator of the musicals “Hamilton” and “In the Heights”. Tick, Tick … Boom! Is a story about a composer in his twenties who wants to create a memorable work before his time in this world runs out. Manuel-Miranda’s film is a charming comedy-drama with strong musical elements that focuses on the artist’s creative process and the obstacles that stand in the way of man’s success. A refreshing film.

“Princess Swap 3”

A Netflix Christmas comedy with a triple (sic) role as the star of Vanessa Hudgens “High School Musical” and “Spring Breakers”. The new film promises a crazy and fast-paced action and even more elements of the comedy of errors, when not two, but three identical-looking heroines meet on the screen.


The new South Korean series from Netflix looks at the fate of people who, as a result of an unexpected turn of events, are sent by demons straight to hell, where they wait for the Final Judgment. Deportation to the afterlife contributes to the formation of a new confessed group, based on the idea of ​​divine justice. A perverse series that combines philosophical elements with a monster-movie and surprising social commentary.

Weekend November 20-21: what to watch on the HBO GO streaming platform?

“Wielka”, season 2

Season 2 of the well-known and recognized series about the youth of Katarzyna the Great, served in a satirical and mocking sauce. The new episodes are new challenges for the Tsar and Tsarina. One of them is the unexpected pregnancy of the heroine.

“Gomorra”, season 5

A new season of the acclaimed Italian-German TV series that looks at gang fights on the streets of Naples. Development of the famous and awarded Cannes film “Gomorra” by Matteo Garrone. In the new episodes, the heroes will have to deal with the aftermath of the dramatic events of the previous season’s finale, and the tension will continue to increase.


A series adaptation of the famous series of novels by Terry Pratchett about the adventures of the city guard from the town of Ankh-Morpork. The series surprises with its form and unusual approach to the original. Fans of Pratchett’s novel split into two camps after the show’s original premiere. It’s time to find out which side Polish viewers will take.


A new version of the popular Disney film from the 90s, based on the famous novel by the master of children’s prose, Roald Dahl. This time we will see Anne Hathaway in the lead role.

Weekend November 20-21: what to watch on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform?

“Wheel of Time”

A loud series adaptation of the famous series of fantasy novels “The Wheel of Time”. The production of Amazon Prime Video set the momentum and epicness of rendering the fantasy novel cards on the small screen. The series, starring Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Michael McElhatton and Alvaro Morte (“The Professor” from the mega-hit “House of Paper”), promises to be a real treat for fantasy fans. A mysterious woman, Moiraine, the leader of a women’s organization with magical abilities, selects five young people to find the one who is destined to save or destroy the world.

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Weekend November 20-21: what to watch on the Apple TV + streaming platform?

“The Line”

The case of Eddie Galagher, U.S. Army commander. Using the high-profile soldier case as an example, the Apple TV + documentary miniseries looks at how the moral boundary has shifted today in terms of warfare. The production is looking at how much our perception of the world has changed since cyber-terrorist attacks and other new-species threats have become our daily routine. A surprising and questioning documentary series.

“Harriett The Spy”

An animated story, not only for the youngest. A new version of a story about a resolute ten-year-old who wants to become a writer in the future. The girl realizes, however, that in order to be good in this profession, you have to survive. For this reason, she decides to track people and solve detective cases, because it seems to be the most interesting activity possible. The comedy of errors will begin.

Weekend November 20-21: what to watch on other platforms?


The musical by Leos Carax, awarded at the Cannes festival, with the script and music of the Sparks band, is a story of a pair of artists that surprises the viewer at every step, defying any characteristics and summaries. “Annette” is actually not even a movie itself, but an unusual audio-visual experience that will evoke a series of, sometimes even contradictory emotions in the viewer. The outstanding Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard and Simon Helberg, known from “The Big Bang Theory”, shine on the screen in this bizarre stylistic mixture that both attracts and repels the viewer. Trying to describe the plot of the film and the impressions after it is really difficult, so let the recommendation be the fact that “Annette is the kind of work that you just have to experience yourself. One thing is for sure – you haven’t seen a movie like this yet!

The production is available on paid VOD services, enabling the purchase of a single film. Among others, Player.pl, Cineman or VOD.pl.

“Language Lessons”

How is friendship born? Is it possible to bond emotionally with someone we’ve never been in the same room with? “Language Lessons” is a touching, touching, funny and warm image of the familiarity of two people who meet on the occasion of online language lessons. The husband of the hero bought him a package of 100 Spanish lessons, not knowing what these lessons could actually be used for. A great feel-good movie, which is not afraid to take on heavier topics and show the whole spectrum of being a human being. Little Big Movie.

The production is available on paid VOD services, enabling the purchase of a single film. Among others, VOD.pl, MojeEKino, Canal + online.

“Planet of Singles. Eight Stories”

Serial-anthology from Canal +, referring to the series of films with the same title. “Planeta Singli. Eight Stories” is a collection of stories about searching for love at different ages. Each of them shows a slightly different aspect of today’s romantic world, but each of them surprises with an extraordinary script and interesting acting.

Series available on Canal + and Canal + Online.

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