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Winter finally arrived in much of Brazil, bringing cold, wind and rain. In this nice weather, nothing better than staying at home under the covers all day, right? With that in mind, CinePOP separated five releases from Disney+ It’s from Star+ for you to check out this weekend in the comfort of your own home.

The Predator: The Hunt

prequel of the franchise predator, this feature takes the evil ETzão to the United States of the 18th century, when indigenous people and colonists fought over territories. In the midst of this, the Predator is on his first trip to Earth to learn the planet’s hunting style. But he didn’t expect to come across a Comanche village with two brothers who are experts in hunting and combat. Thus begins a very well-developed action-packed thriller. And there is also the option to watch the film dubbed in the Comanche language.

Where to watch: Star+

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I am groot

Taking cuteness to a new level, this series of shorts shows the adventures of Baby Groot (Vin Diesel) between the post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. two (2017). There are five short films of approximately five minutes each, which show everyone’s favorite tree taking its first steps, taking its first bath and doing other typical baby things, but with all the possible confusion happening due to the ‘Grootinho’ antics.

Where to watch: Disney+

The Cult of Chucky

After successfully returning to the series Chucky, the killer doll appeared with some abilities that older fans might not have known about. Released in 2017, The Cult of Chucky is far from unanimous among fans, while many didn’t even watch it, as it was released straight to Home Video. In Brazil, this is one of the first times (if not the first) that the feature appears on a platform of streamingso it’s worth checking out the bloodiest and most explicit film of the caped doll even to better understand the events of the series, whose second season is already in production.

Where to watch: Star+


Jumping from one live puppet movie to another, the next tip is lightyear. based on quadrilogy Toy Storythis film is the feature that, in the universe of animations, inspired the creation of the doll Buzz Lightyear that would eventually end up in the hands of Andy and his friends. The plot revolves around Buzz Lightyear, a Space Patrolman who participates in the launch test of a spaceship, which leaves him on a hostile and distant planet. As he tries to return home, he discovers that time has gone too far and now all of his friends are old or dead. Along with the next generation of Rangers, Buzz will try to stop the Evil Emperor’s threat, Zurg.

Where to watch: Disney+

Four Lives of a Dog

“The Dog Movie” has practically become a sub-genre in Hollywood after Marley & Me make half the world cry in the past decade. The formula is very simple and usually ends with the doggo dying, which gets everyone’s feelings right. However, in this film – as its title indicates -, we follow the trajectory of a puppy who dies and reincarnates, living a new life with new families each time he returns to Earth. Yes, the dog dies three times. It’s interesting to see how the same character adapts to different people, always complementing their lives completely different from previous passages. It’s a fun weekend drama that will especially resonate with anyone who has or has a puppy at home.

Where to watch: Star+

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