Weight, free fall! USD Prices in Bank of Mexico Today, January 17, 2024

Mexican peso loses value for third day in a row Today’s US Dollar Price January 17, 2024 Prices start at 17.31 units per dollar; find out what’s here Bank of Mexico exchange rate.

Mexican Currency Registration 0.67% loss Compared to Tuesday’s reference price, Tuesday marked the worst day since October.he US dollar strengthens globally This follows comments from European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde and Federal Reserve President Christopher Waller cooling bets on an early interest rate cut.

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Over the past three trading days, the Mexican peso Cumulative decline of 2.7% The rest of the day is expected to trade in a range of $17.24 to $17.42 to $17.42, according to analysts at Banco Base.

Today’s US Dollar Price in Bank of Mexico January 17, 2024

The price is Bank of Mexico USD Today January 17, 2024* Start with:

  • BBVA Mexico – Buy for 16.49 pesos, sell for 17.63 pesos
  • Citibank – Buy for 16.73 pesos, sell for 17.80 pesos
  • Azteca Bank – Buy for 16.30 pesos, sell for 17.90 pesos
  • Banault – Buy for 15.70 pesos, sell for 17.15 pesos
  • Confirm banking – Buy for 16.30 pesos, sell for 17.80 pesos
  • Scotiabank – Buy for 15.00 pesos, sell for 18.00 pesos
  • imbursa – Buy for 16.80 pesos, sell for 17.80 pesos

*Exchange rate is at 09:00

According to information from Reuters

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