Weight loss: Here are the 3 reasons that prevent you from losing weight

Back to school is fast approaching and with that the end of the holidays. We are not going to lie to each other, summer is the season when anything goes. Between ice creams, cocktails, barbecues and aperitifs of all kinds, we let loose. Result: when we get home, the hour of truth rings and the verdict falls: a few pounds have settled more on the scale.

But there, losing weight is no easy feat. With all the goodwill in the world, long sports sessions, the help of food supplements and an irreproachable diet, some people struggle to lose weight. If despite all your efforts, you are unable to get rid of some pounds, Frederique Chataignerhypno-nutritionist and psychotherapist revealed in the columns of Current wife, 3 reasons that can prevent you from losing weight. To your notes!

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Too much toxic load

“The toxic load is all the food additives, all the endocrine disruptors, all the colorings, preservatives, artificial flavors… that we accumulate in our body by eating ultra-processed foods” explains Frédérique Chataigner to our colleagues. It is well known that these additives have a disruptive impact on our endocrine system.. They can in particular modify the action of hormones responsible for destocking fat and therefore block weight loss. What to do to stop it? The expert advises to opt for “raw food” that is to say composed mostly of unprocessed foods.

Too much inflammation

Second reason that explains the difficulty in losing weight: an inflammatory load that is too high. “Inflammation, when it spreads to the whole body, makes the person resistant to insulin, that is to say to the hormone responsible for storing and destocking fat. However, it is the essential hormone of weight loss!” explains Frédérique Chataigner. So to reduce its inflammatory load, the expert gives two tips. Firstly, we swap foods overloaded with omega-6 and fatty acids for foods rich in omega-3. On the other hand, we can do more physical activity to unblock the action of insulin and reduce stress levels, being also an inflammatory factor.

Excess glycemic load

Finally, to lose weight, you have to make sure that its glycemic load is not excessive. “The glycemic load of a food (not to be confused with the glycemic index) corresponds to its impact on insulin, the hormone responsible for storing and releasing fat in the body.” reveals Frédérique Chataigner. Thus, the higher this load, the more difficult it will be to lose weight. The expert advises having a daily glycemic load of less than 80: “we lose weight below 80, between 80 and 120 we maintain our ideal weight and above 120, we gain weight, unless you are an athlete”.

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