welcome as a rock star at the Lincoln Center in New York for the review dedicated to him

The first weekend of “Beware of Dario Argento: A 20 Film Retrospective”, with the films restored by Cinecittà, sold out at the Lincoln Center in New York, where the director took a bath in the crowd.

It’s a good time this for Dario Argentowho at the age of 81 sees his contribution to the seventh art recognized at all levels: in addition to the beautiful exhibition dedicated to him at the National Cinema Museum in Turin, the exhibition is underway in New York, at Lincoln Center, “Beware of Dario Argento: 20 Retrospective Film” with his works restored by Cinecittà, with the public who welcomed him like a rock star, with a continuous ovation and applause at each of his appearances. An exhilarating welcome, which was sold out in the first weekend of programming.

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Beware of Dario Argento: a retrospective of 20 films at Lincoln Center in New York

At the end of the projection of theBird with Crystal Feathersthe director spent a lot of time with the audience, which was followed by a long Q&A session, in which, regarding the role of women in his films, Argento revealed: “My mother (Elsa Luxardo, ed) was a very famous female portrait photographer, from her I learned how to light up faces, how to make (women) beautiful, enhance them. When I found myself on the set I remembered everything I had unconsciously absorbed when I went to her studio after school and made them protagonists and emancipated them. ” The Bird with Crystal Feathers was introduced by Dennis Limdirector of programs of the Film at Lincoln Center, a reference institution in the world for the quality of the programs offered, and by Chiara Sbarigia, President of Cinecittà. Both recalled the 30 years of joint collaboration and the great results, both in terms of visibility and commercial, brought about by the rediscovery of Italian classics. The last series, dedicated to Luchino Visconti, recorded 12,000 admissions and, to date, is the Film at Lincoln Center’s most successful series ever. A success that Dario Argento could equal.

The review “Beware of Dario Argento: 20 Retrospective Film”where you can admire the brand new restorations in 4K, specially made by Cinecittà, will continue at Lincoln Center in New York until 29 June. Speaking of the restoration, Dario Argento stated: “The restoration carried out by Cinecittà is of an incredible quality, they are almost more beautiful than when I shot them!”. The exhibition will then move to Paris, Los Angeles and most of the United States, to then also touch the main cities of South America, Europe and Asia. The presentation of the book at the Italian Cultural Institute also had great success “Dario Argento. Two or three things we know about him” edited by Steve Della Casa, published by Cinecittà and Electa. Curated by Paola Ruggiero, Camilla Cormanni And Marco Cicala of Cinecittà e Madeline Whittle And Tyler Wilson of Film at Lincoln Center, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, the retrospective is bringing to the American public some of the most iconic films by Dario Argento: The bird with the crystal feathers, The nine-tailed cat, 4 gray velvet flies, The five days, Deep red, Suspiria, Hell, Darkness, Phenomena, Opera, The black Cat, Trauma, Stendhal’s syndrome, The Phantom of the Opera, I’m not sleepy, The dealer, You like Hitchcock, The third mother, 3D Dracula. The Lincoln Center program will also host the North American premiere of Black glasses.

(picture of Dario Argento from Zhen Qin)

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