Welded Emily Blunt promoting the film on a New York wall

Emily Blunt she is one of the few actresses to play, not take selfies on Instagram. Openly British for years is opposed to activity in social media, arguing that it would detract from her on-screen credibility. This does not mean that it completely dissociates itself from the Hollywood rules of the game. As part of his impressive career, he regularly appears in commercial films, which he meekly promotes on walls and in sessions for prestigious magazines.

The star is currently promoting the musical Mary Poppins returns, which, despite the warm reception from critics, is enjoying moderate audience interest. As part of arousing emotions around the production before Christmas, she appeared at a special screening of the film, sponsored by a well-known chocolate manufacturer. On the occasion of the session on the New York wall, she presented a sample of her bit eccentric stylewhich this time referred to the aesthetics of the film. In her outfit, attention was drawn to a fine patterned double-breasted suit, which comes from the collection of a London fashion house Erdem. A blouse with a ruff at the neck, evening sandals and a velvet clutch bag were eye-catching. Such styled Blunt posed for solo photos and in the company of a colleague from the set, Lina-Manuel Miranda.

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