Were Ron and Hermione from “Harry Potter” together before the last movie? Understand theory!

If there’s one thing every “Harry Potter” fan is familiar with, it’s theories of the universe. Whether it’s about the stories in the books or the script of the movies, turning around and moving someone notices a loose end and starts thinking about possible explanations. One hypothesis that took TikTok recently was about the Ronmione couple – that is, Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson).

Bia Glion has gathered some evidence that, perhaps, they were already together before “Deathly Hallows”, which, theoretically, is the moment when the couple exchange their first kiss. Come understand the theory better!

Were Ron and Hermione together before the end of “Harry Potter”?

TikToker explains that Ron and Hermione may already be hooking up at the end of “Half-Blood Prince”, the 6th movie. This would explain the change in the behavior of the two – who start to treat each other with more affection and affection. Another point that could corroborate the idea is when Ron, under the influence of Horcruxdecides to abandon his friends in the woods during the last film.

He believes Hermione and Harry have an “atmosphere” and just can’t stand seeing them. In response, the young woman cries for days and is devastated. Of course, by this time, the two were already clearly in love with each other – which justifies the behavior – but if there was already something going on, it would make even more sense.

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