West Bank, six Palestinians killed by Israeli military. “The ‘Lions’ Pit’ armed group hit”

Raid in West Bank ofIsraeli armywho killed five militiamen in the night a Nablus and another, Kusay a-Tamimi, in Nebi Saleh (Ramallah). The military said they had destroyed “a apartment clandestine used as headquarters and explosives depot “of the Palestinian armed group ‘Lions’ Den’, which was located in the Kasbah of Nablus in West Bank. During the operation, the military reported Tel Aviv, “The soldiers responded to the armed suspects who were shooting at them.” Among the militiamen killed Wadia al-Houh (31 years old), leader of the ‘Lions’ Den’. Palestinian armed groups of Gaza have called an emergency meeting to follow developments in West Bank. The leader of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh claimed that the fighters of Nablus “They represent a shining example for all our people”.

The army said that during the operation “several suspected gunmen were hit”. The military spokesman recalled that “the terrorist group the ‘Lions’ Den’ was responsible for the gunshot attack that killed the soldier Ido Baruch as well as the attempt to carry out a terrorist attack a Tel Aviv (thwarted by the Israeli police) and the installation of an explosive device in the ‘Kedumim’ service station ”. Furthermore – added the spokesman – he was responsible for “multiple shootings throughout the city of Nablus. In the last period of time – he concluded – the terrorist group has continued to recruit, plan and conduct attacks against innocent Israeli civilians“.

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