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Don’t let your guard down against the West Nile virus. This is the appeal launched yesterday by the Ausl in light of the multiplication of cases in the region. The infection, transmitted to humans by the common mosquito, proceeds asymptomatically in most cases, but can also present itself with fever, headache, and other mild symptoms with spontaneous resolution or, sporadically, manifest itself with more serious forms affecting the central nervous system (meningitis, meningoencephalitis). The virus, which can be dangerous especially in already debilitated patients, is endemic, that is present in a stable manner, in our Region and in those of the Po valley. Its multiplication cycle develops between some bird species and common mosquitoes. Humans, like horses, are occasionally infected by mosquito bites and are unable to transmit the infection to other mosquitoes or to other people.

“This year the circulation of the West Nile virus began slightly earlier than in previous seasons – explain from the Ausl – and to date cases have been reported in the provinces of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Ferrara. positivity in mosquito pools have already been found “.

West Nile, alarm in Emilia Romagna and Veneto: how many cases and how to defend yourself

In this regard, in addition to the precautionary measures already provided for at the beginning of the summer season, the Health Authority informs that it has requested the Municipalities of the District to issue a contingent and urgent ordinance in which the obligation – on the part of the organizers of outdoor events and in the evening – to carry out adulticidal treatments through specialized companies. In addition, the owners of bars and restaurants that have open-air dining spaces were also asked to adopt the same contrasting measures. The Municipalities of the District and Usl Company have also requested the utmost attention to the companies in charge of the disinfestation of public areas, with particular attention to green areas.

Private individuals will also have to continue the interventions in their own areas. The Ausl recommends using effective repellents against mosquitoes, which must be applied on the uncovered parts of the body respecting the doses and methods indicated in the instructions on the label. To avoid bites, it is advisable to dress in light colors in the evening if possible. At home, use mosquito nets, air conditioners or electro-dispensing devices for liquid or platelet insecticides (but always with the windows open).

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