“What a Belly!” Scarlett Johansson “Pregnant?” Look at His Last Photo

As expected considering that she was nominated twice, a good part of the looks on Oscar night focused on Scarlett Johansson. The American actress, one of the most followed and acclaimed by the industry, always stands out for her daring models and with which she boasts curves.

This time it was an Oscar de la Renta design that left all his followers with his mouth open. And rightly so, as many points in the networks, ” Scarlett was spectacular .”

However, as has already happened in other cases with the American interpreter, her ” belly ” has once again become the subject of debate on social networks. Moreover, the question ” pregnant ?” She has starred in several opinions in the forums.


Scarlett Johansson’s picture

The fact is that, as can be seen in the image, the design showed the “belly” of Scarlett. And of course, comments and speculation have skyrocketed. On the one hand, there are many who have simply been plaid to see the actress as well. Opinions like “ Go belly !” or ” Mother of mine is very beast ” fly over the net.

Of course, this type of comment has been quickly rejected by many in the networks who believe that this supposed “ belly ” is not that it is precisely something that should be criticized.


“She’s a normal woman and she’s great,” ” But what belly are you talking about?” that a woman is not in the bones, is that she has a ‘belly’ ”or “ It is unfortunate that you criticize her for having a supposed belly she does not even have ”are some of the defenses in this regard.

On the other hand, there are those who have gone one step further and put the issue of “pregnancy” on the table. Obviously, the vast majority of Johansson’s followers have been very direct in this case: “ She is not pregnant or has a belly, she is a normal woman. And period ”.

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