What a horror! Vanessa Bryant affected by possible publication of photos of the body of Kobe

Vanessa Bryant is very distressed by the possible leak of the photo of the corpse of her husband, as it became known that a group of police officers used their phones to capture the scene.

In the accident of the past 26 of January not only lost his life, the star of the basket, but also the daughter that the model he had next to him, and six other people more.

Recently, a man reported that, in a bar, one subject showed photos of the body of the husband of the celebrity, so they immediately proceeded to a thorough investigation.

The lawyer of the mother of Gianna Bryant, who also died in the accident, expressed their anguish at the possible leak of the photos.

At the idea that the media disseminate images of the remains of the occisos, Vannesa Bryant demanded that the sheriff of the local police to declare the area to the exclusion of air.

Unfortunately, despite the effort of the widow, “The Black Mamba”a group of cops did the deplorable act of taking photos to show their friends.

After the tragedy, the californian he sued the company, Island Express Helicopters, the operator of the aircraft crashed, for the crime of involuntary manslaughter for the accident.

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