What a story! The postcard reached the addressee after 44 years

A postcard sent from the south to the north of Italy arrived after 44 years. To the chaplain of the cathedral in Chioggia in the Veneto region, a postcard was sent by a young parishioner who had gone to Taranto in Apulia to perform military service.

The daily Corriere della Sera reports that in December 1977, an 18-year-old from Chioggia decided to symbolically say goodbye to his friends from the parish at the cathedral in connection with the beginning of a new phase in his life. He was called up for basic military service and sent to a naval unit in Apulia.

Therefore, he sent all his colleagues a postcard from his unit in Taranto, and addressed it to Father Francesco Zenny – then a young chaplain of the cathedral and youth protector.

He stuck two stamps for 120 lire and threw them into the box. What then happened with the postcard – it is not known. Unexpectedly yesterday, 44 years later, she was delivered with other mail to the cathedral.

It was a real surprise – said Father Zenna, who he continues to minister in the same diocese, but no longer in the cathedral.

As he explained, he did not have the postcard in his hands yet, because the postman brought it to the house near the cathedral, where he lived in the 1970s. The current parish priest informed him about the late postcard by phone. With his help Father Zenna has already contacted the sender of the card to thank him.

We spoke on the phone. In 1977, he was a young boy leaving his hometown, family, parish and friends for the first time in his life. It was a special moment and he remembers it well, just as I remember him. Today he is the father of the family and the grandfather – added the addressee of the unique postcard.

The closing words that the young soldier wrote to friends in his city have a special meaning in this story: “I will come to you soon.”

“The postcard was not in such a hurry” – noted in the journal.

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