What a tenderness! Scarlett Johansson confessed, what are you most excited about your wedding


For nobody is a secret that Scarlett Johansson maintains a relationship with Colin Jost, who committed in mid-2019.

And although in these times of pandemic are many events that have been cancelled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the wedding of the american actress it is still standing.

So much is the illusion of Johansson that has not yet been decided to postpone the date, because he is confident that for that time have already improved the current health emergency.

In an interview with People magazine, the artist of 35 years he spoke about how excited he is to marry Jost, but also a detail that makes a lot of illusion.

Scarlett stated that it looked forward to the time in which to be able to see his little daughter Rose, enjoying the reception, “with its lovely dress of flowers”. What a tenderness!

In addition, the the protagonist of “Black Widow” revealed that you want the event to be environmentally sustainable, avoiding to the maximum the waste of food or any other resource to use at the party.

Scarlett Johansson ensures that you are teaching your daughter to be aware of with the environment, since it considers that “it Is important to remember how lives of other people and how, in some way, affected by what she does”.



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