What a terrible! Eugenio Derbez has revealed that a close person of yours has cancer


Eugenio Derbez do not imagine that I would have to spend the quarantine with some terrible news, and that is that a person of his or her professional environment is suffering from cancer, as well as recently revealed on their social networks.

The actor that is one of the celebrities that more support has been given to families who are dealing with this horrible disease, she learned that a former colleague is with this condition and left him without words.

“Today in the morning I got a link of a video to raise money for someone diagnosed with cancer, and I was so worried as it turns out I know her,” revealed the recognized comedian.

Certainly the way how you learned, what surprised all, given that it is a person that worked at the time that was recording The show “la Familia P. Luche”, and revealed the mexican director.

Claudia, was the designer of the colorful costumes used by the actors as Eugenio Derbez throughout the show, so she knew it very well.

“The truth did not expect this news and I imagine as difficult as it is,” said the husband Alessandra Rosaldo through their social networks.

Before this news celebrity he shared in their networks the link from where you can make donations of money, which both require the woman to comply with your treatment.

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