What about the new sanctions against Belarus? Romanowski warns against EU submission

The deputy minister of justice pointed out that the Polish provisions on the so-called pushbacks are very similar to those introduced in Lithuania or Latvia. In his opinion, the Geneva Convention or Dublin III do not respond well to contemporary challenges related to illegal migration.

– Our solutions are not – in our opinion – contrary to Dublin III, with the regulation regulating the issue of refugees. They fill a certain area which, due to their novelty, is not regulated, he argued on the air of Polskie Radio 24.

– Our regulations talk about illegal, direct border crossing, they are applied in the context of Belarus, which is organizing a hybrid aggression against the European Union and Poland. Actions in relation to Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian regulations unfortunately show that we may have some element of submission to the actions of Belarus and Russia – he added.

What’s next with sanctions?

On Sunday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed the need to introduce new sanctions on the Belarusian regime. The head of government also indicated that Poland was ready to close trade between Belarus and the EU and Poland, although he did not want to do so. According to Morawiecki “The sanctions applied so far against people who cannot enter the territory of the European Union today are not enough”.

– I hope that the EU will not object to the sanctions – said Marcin Romanowski. – What we can fear is submission from European institutions, Germany or other countries which, when it comes to their interests, forget about European solidarity – added the politician of Solidarity Poland.

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