What are glaciers? Alaska suffers unprecedented destruction as Earth melts

Juneau is the capital Alaska attracting thousands of tourists each year glacier mendenhallone of the most beautiful and impressive.

For Alaskans, Mendenhall Glacier is a source of pride and they appreciate the tourists that flock there each year, but sometimes they can’t handle too many people.

Still, this show is a great show not to be missed, especially for nature lovers.

Unfortunately, the symbol of this city is also destruction Recently broken or unraveled, global warming.

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What are Glaciers? Reasons for Recent Problems in Alaska

before we see what happens Alaska with mendenhall glacierwe have to define what this impressive structure is. ice.

Glaciers are masses of ice that form when snow accumulates, compresses, and recrystallizes.

They are basically displayed when: snow It does not melt even in hot weather and accumulates to form large mountains of ice.

A caveat is that glaciers appear on the mainland and in lakes, so they should not be confused with icebergs, which are typical of the sea.

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What about Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier?

Recently, the following has been reported. mendenhall glacier in Alaska The thaw has reached a stage where it has accelerated and some parts have even broken.

This caused the river level to rise and the current to gain momentum, destroying several houses on the banks of this water body.

Furthermore, it is reported that flood Other parts of the city have also been affected, forcing authorities to evacuate various parts of the city. Juneau.

In the worst case, the river level will rise and the road will be closed to traffic, forcing people to take other routes to evacuate.

According to information from CNN

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