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One study shows that 83% of Mexican workers are willing to negotiate an average salary reduction of 10,000 pesos per year in exchange for better conditions and greater work flexibility. Hardware and software manufacturing company Hewlett Packard.

“Employees are no longer just worried about A monetary wage, but an emotional wage, That is, a salary that allows them to have better living conditions in a work environment, whether working from home or spending less time in the office,” said Mariano Mora, Director of HP’s Computing Business Unit in Mexico. Mora) said.

In this sense, he said that Gen Z and Millennial employees are most concerned about their physical and mental health, which is why they are no longer willing to work in the office every day.

However, HP research shows that only 25% of employees are willing to learn new technical skills Help them work remotely.

“We see that less than 25% of employees are willing to learn new skills on the job, which is very low if we consider that technologies such as artificial intelligence help reduce workload and therefore have greater work flexibility. ” HP manager in Mexico.

Employees struggle with self-esteem and mental health

HP research further details 55% of employees struggle with self-esteem and health Mental, low self-esteem, and feelings that lead them to think of themselves as failures.

Likewise, employees believe they have emotional problems, as 45% believe their relationships with family and friends are unstable. Likewise, 59% said they felt burned out from pursuing career goals but failing to achieve them.

Finally, research shows that 62% of employees report difficulty eating healthily, exercising, and getting enough sleep, which leads to Your physical health problems.

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