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2022 was the year of micronews, from the slap of Will Smith to the stars grappling… with the salad

2022 was the year of micronews, meaning facts that immediately had a global resonance but then immediately disappeared from our minds, replaced by others.

Among these are the Will Smith slap Chris Rock during the Oscars ceremony, or the lawsuit Elon Musk-Twitter. In this regard, shortly after the billionaire’s acquisition of the platform, there was fear for the fate of the Twittering social network, so much so that the hashtag #RIPTwitter went viral for some time.

However, there have also been somewhat “bizarre” micronews, such as the one on Jennifer Aniston and chickpea salad. In fact, a rumor had spread according to which the actress had only eaten one very specific salad for years on the set of Friends: chickpeas, feta, red onions, bulgur and herbs.

Micronews circulated mainly on TikTok, where Kendall Jenner’s video dressed as a cucumber recorded a boom in views. But let’s take a step back. Jenner had been heavily criticized for an episode of the reality show The Kardashians in which it struggles to cut a knife. In response, the model immortalized herself in a particular costume.

Micronews stuff!

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