What are the 5 lire worth € 110,000? Here is the answer: “crazy”

Is there a 5 lire coin that is worth up to 110,000 euros? It sounds crazy, but you will find the answer in this article. Better to explain immediately, it is a practically unobtainable coin, even in museums. A real historical relic of almost inestimable value.

Numismatic collecting is sometimes also surrounded by stories, anecdotes and legends. A feature that this coin has in full! It is in fact a coin around which historians still struggle, in the search for some explanations about its disappearance. Let’s find out more in this article.

The 5 Lire coin worth € 110,000: that’s what it is

It is believed that a 5 Lire from the Kingdom of Italy in 1901 in the Fior di Conio state could have this value. The historical sources that speak of this object report that there are – certified – only 114 examples. These coins were minted by the mint of Rome using 900 silver as raw material. They are of the classic size of a Shield: 37 mm in diameter for 25 grams of weight.

The coin stands out not only for the nominal value and the typical thousandth of minting, but also for the presence in the engraving of some of the most representative symbols of the House of Savoy and its Kingdom of Italy. On the obverse is the effigy of Vittorio Emanuele III, ruler of the time, with his name and that of the author to complete the engraving. On the reverse, however, we have a large Savoy eagle and the knot of the House of Savoy set in a rectangle.

5 Lire 1901: the incredible story

The coin, as it will happen later also for other coins in the history of the Lire, was a proof of engraving. It is in fact the verification of the proportions of the face of Vittorio Emanuele III on a coin of the size of a shield, hitherto unprecedented. However, the coin immediately takes a “path” that will lead it to become a mythical object. The object is in fact the cause of diplomatic problems with the State of the Church, and the king decides to recast it.

Only 114 copies survive the recast, two of which are given to important Italian museums to bear witness to the existence of this coin. But the two museums, over time, will lose their specimens: lost or stolen, precisely because of their almost inestimable value. The perpetrators of the theft are still unknown today.

This too has dramatically increased the value of the 5 Lire 1901. The coin is considered so precious that it can yield to the eventual lucky owner of a specimen with defects due to time and wear – but original – up to 15 thousand euros.

5 lire 1901

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