What are the “big things” coming to Televisa broadcasts?

During this period Opening in 2023, Televisa Two “bombshells” dropped when announcing arrival David Fetterson and Andre Marin to their ranks.Now for this Ends 2024and USA At the top, chapultepec tv Being at one of the highest points, however, not everything is “positive” TUDN.

According to the column sniperone of the most important devices Trevisa He’s about to change TV stations.Despite the recent withdrawal of broadcast rights Rayados de Monterrey Looks like he’s losing one of his greatest protagonists MX League.

Become one of the most consistent and relevant teams alliance The price of television rights to their home games has increased in recent years.That’s why, a few months after the contract was terminated Trevisa, Tigers A new contract is about to be signed with a new television station to broadcast its university stadium.

of this directive Cats Declined to continue TUDNso they are about to change the broadcast during the game volcano. Even if there are some details that need to be fixed, tigers is about to sign a new television contract and end his stay at Trevisawhere their games are broadcast VIX, TUDN AND AFIZZIONADOS.

“Finally, there was one more departure from the ‘Dream Factory,’ but no, it wasn’t a celebrity. It turned out that the Tigers’ contract was expiring and the Royals decided not to continue.” , as I told them That way.

“At the poker table, more players are willing to pay higher prices for the performance of cats because they know that with them, the final stage is guaranteed and TV profits increase. In fact, they told me , they’re very close to signing a contract with their new girlfriend, but they don’t want to give in just yet,” he revealed. sniper in his column.

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