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It’s common to wake up in the morning with numb arms, but what causes it? We take stock of this sometimes impressive but ultimately benign pathology most of the time.

At night, the body relaxes and relaxes, just like the brain. But in the early morning, it often happens that a tingling sensation is felt in one or both arms. A condition called paresthesia that often lasts only a few moments. To make it go away, the first reflex is to shake your arms or tap them. The most common reason for this phenomenon is a bad position taken during the night, compressing a nerve which has gradually become numb, the tingling following the path of the damaged nerve root. Although this paresthesia can be destabilizing because it is unusual, it does not have serious consequences for health. The second most common reason is carpal tunnel syndrome. The latter manifests itself in people whose daily work induces repetitive hand movements or in those who practice regular and intensive sports, leading to regular and strong pressure on the median nerve which runs through the hand, wrist and arm. It appears at night, once the arms are at rest and the wrists are bent.

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Finally, a third important factor can be the cause of this tingling and that is diabetes. This is because people with diabetes are at risk of nerve damage, which occurs when sugar and fat levels are high in the blood. This condition called diabetic neuropathy causes tingling particularly in the feet and legs, but can sometimes spread to the hands and arms.

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Numb arms when you wake up: a vitamin B deficiency?

Other rarer reasons can also cause arm muscles to fall asleep, such as, for example, a vitamin B deficiency: this anemia can cause a tingling sensation in the extremities and, as the site explains Medical News Todaycan often be comfortable(…)

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