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Are you used to skipping meals? Have you ever wondered what the health consequences are? Here we explain why it is an unfair habit.

skipping meals is wrong
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There are several reasons that can lead us to skipping meals; we woke up too late and then to leave the house in times and right times you skip breakfast or for reasons pathological, to those who have not missed lunch at least once because of nausea or colitis, finally for reasons of mental health Beyond anorexia, even states of anxiety and depression can lead to loss of appetite.

However this practice is wrong with consequences that are anything but positive. Meanwhile let’s debunk some myths, above all that for which it is believed that skipping meals favors the slimming: It is not so. Indeed you can get theopposite effectin the sense that the greater the caloric deprivation the more the sense of hunger increases, so if we skipped breakfast we will eat more for lunch and so on.

This however it doesn’t mean that skipping meals is bad for you; attention we obviously refer to the case in which this practice happens once in a while And Not precisely a ‘habit. In the first case, depending on which meal and how many times it is skipped, a body can run out of food even though it has no serious consequences. For this reason, the consequences for our whole organism also change.


Skip a meal every now and then

As we mentioned earlier, the consequences of skipping meals depend on how much and how this practice becomes a daily practice or not. Above all a lot depends on the context and also on our clinical history. We therefore try to outline some possible scenarios below.

skip a meal every now and then
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The main aspect not to be overlookedwhatever the content and conditions of departure, is thehydration or the foods are a source of water that we know is necessary. Skipping meals, especially in the presence of heavy sweating, leads to one excessive fluid loss which then can lead to dehydration which alone can cause headaches and in the most severe and extreme cases also disorientation and confusion.

Having said that if you are salty after a meal binge, it may not be a problem even though it would be better reduce it so you don’t get too hungry for the next meal.

If you miss a meal before you have to do it physical activityespecially if it is competitive and therefore heavy, it is always wrong. In these cases it is not known how the organism will react. In general, those who train with difficulty tend to empty themselves very quickly, so with a missed meal the plausible symptoms can be in addition to hunger also weakness, nervousness and cramps.

skip breakfast
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Let’s not forget that nutrition is especially important because i foods it’s main sources from which we draw vitamins, minerals, good fats And antioxidants; so if skipping meals becomes a daily practice, it means that the elements just mentioned will be missing and consequently our organism will lack all the benefits that these bring.

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