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Fetishisms or also called paraphilias involve the use of a physical object, the fetish as a preferred way of causing sexual arousal. Fetish disorder occurs when recurring intense sexual arousal caused by using an inanimate object or focusing on a non-genital body part such as the feet. The sexologist, Dr. Rosamaria Spina spoke about fetishism on “Che Musica Maestro” on Radio Cusano Campus with Arianna Caramanti and Lele Martinelli.

What is fetishism

What is fetishism? Surely it is a paraphilia that implies the use of something unconventional to achieve arousal and therefore to complete sexual intercourse. Paraphilia is different from perversion because it is not pathological but can become so when you get arousal only and exclusively through the use of something like a fetish or only if the other person has a particularity that you prefer: a particular shape of the foot , a shoe, a nail polish of a precise color but also a large breast or important buttocks … In short, it is paraphilia when you prefer a particular object worn and used during the sexual act or a specific part of the body which can vary according to our preferences. It should also be noted that fetishism affects men more because they like to observe more, compared to women who like to be observed more, exhibiting themselves.

Various types of fetishism

Fetishism has various facets: there are so many that it would be impossible to list them all. The more particular ones are for example: fetishism for the navel, or finding sexually exciting any part of the body considered penetrable including the navel which however will obviously not be used in the penetration but only for the purpose of getting excited and then there is that which affects blood, of any type, even menstrual blood, which would also affect Angelina Jolie who likes to use blood during her relationships. Hematolagnia or attraction to blood: this is how this fetishism is called, which consists in using blood or even drinking it in a sexual way, even that of the period but there’s more; there are even people who like to keep the pads and tampons used by their women during menstruation and use them during sexual intercourse as fetishes.

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