What are two fears CEOs around the world have about “Jesus in their mouths”? – finance

CEOs from around the world were interviewed The Conference Board What they believe will be the main concerns for businesses in 2024. What was their answer?

CEOs see threats of recession and inflation as The “headache” you’re most worried about, the company revealed. For the second year in a row, these two issues top the list of external factors affecting companies, according to the survey released on January 10.

Global political instability and rising interest rates are also expected to impact business, The Conference Board added.

“Less than 30% of CEOs globally (a smaller proportion than in the U.S.) believe Your organization is ready in the face of economic recession or inflation,” the document said.

“In Europe, double-digit inflation linked to record energy costs has eroded the confidence of business leaders,” he added.

Confidence among European executives has declined at the lowest level Since the indicator was implemented in early 2020, and Things are worse than at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

World Bank expects 2024 to be a ‘difficult’ year

drag on world economy Growth rate slows down The World Bank said that as the post-epidemic recovery is constrained by high interest rates; a slowdown in trade and geopolitical tensions will hit developing countries hardest.

Global activity set to hit record high in five years to 2024 Weakest performance since early 1990san “unstable” level will leave A quarter of the poorest developing economies The Washington-based entity said in its latest World Economic Outlook report that the numbers were higher than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Without a major course correction, the 2020s will go down in history Ten years of wasted opportunityIndermit Gill, chief economist at the bank, warned in a statement. Such weak short-term growth will leave many of the poorest countries “deeply indebted and almost a third of the population unable to access food.”

investment growth per capita Without policies aimed at stimulating investment and strengthening fiscal policy, average growth in developing economies would be 3.7% in 2023-2024, about half the average of the previous 20 years.

How much will the global economy grow in 2024?This is what the World Bank says

The World Bank expects global economic growth to slow to 2.4% for the third consecutive year in 2024, down from 2.6% in 2023 and unchanged from its June forecast, before rising to 2.7% in 2025.

This compares to an average growth rate of 3.1% in the 2010s.

According to World Bank estimates, global economic growth is expected to reach 2.2% in 2020-2024, which is the slowest growth rate in five years since 2.1% in 1990-1994.

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