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Dear bills. The update of gas tariffs by the Arera authority is expected on 1 October. However, some innovations are planned to cope with the surge in raw material costs. In transmission Real time (Radio Icaro and Icaro TV) talked about it on commercial director of Sgr, Lorenzo Pastesinialso giving some practical tips on how to save.

Every degree centigrade less heating in homes – explains Pastesini – on average, this translates into 120/130 cubic meters of gas less consumed in a year and, with current tariffs, we are talking about a saving of around 400 euros. Similar speech with the shower: if we keep the hot water lower than 3 degrees centigrade and shorten it by a couple of minutes we can reduce the annual expenditure by another 200 euros.

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The note of Arera

The further dramatic increase in wholesale energy prices, linked to the conflict in Ukraine and the reduction of gas flows practiced by Russia, led the Authority to introduce measures to protect consumers and to guarantee the continuity of supplies.

From 1 October, with the next tariff update, changes in the method of updating the costs of gas raw materials for households that are still in the conditions of protection (today approximately 7.3 million domestic customers, out of a total of 20.4 million, approximately 35.6%).

Also in order to immediately intercept any national and European price containment initiatives, ARERA has decided to no longer use forward prices on the wholesale market as a reference, but the average of actual market prices. wholesale Italian PSV[1]at the same time increasing the price update frequency which becomes monthly, not quarterly.

The new method, linked to the emergency situation, will be in force until the end of gas protection, currently scheduled for January 2023a term that the Authority has requested several times to be aligned with that of the electricity protection purpose, scheduled for January 2024.

“Too high prices, an ongoing war and a clear use of gas as a geopolitical lever call us to extraordinary interventions, to try to guarantee the defense of the consumer and the security of supply – says the president of the Authority, Stefano Besseghini The use of a more dynamic price formation mechanism will make it possible not to transfer the costs of covering the risk to the consumer and instead to immediately transfer the advantages deriving from any decisions, such as the ceiling on the price of gas, that may be assumed to the consumer. European level”.

The intervention adopted, while not being able to structurally act on the exceptional levels of market prices, aims to make supplies to consumers safer. In fact, the persisting geopolitical tensions have exacerbated the uncertainties about the availability of gas from Russia, increasing the criticality for sellers in finding the necessary gas on the wholesale markets to satisfy their customers, including domestic ones, for the next thermal year. from 1 October.

With the mechanism approved by the Authority, the risk of sellers not being able to guarantee their operations and therefore supplies to their customers is reduced, minimizing the danger that families will be forced to resort to last resort services and the vendors themselves in the default service, jeopardizing the entire economic equilibrium of the Italian gas sector with additional costs that would be socialized.

The new update method makes it easier to find the volumes needed to meet demand, thanks to the reduction of the risks currently linked to the differences between prices forward used for the current protection update and price spot to which it is possible to supply the part of consumption not foreseeable in view of the winter.

Naturally, as the Authority has repeatedly pointed out, to these interventions it is necessary to support national and international initiatives to restore the balance between supply and demandsuch as the reduction of demand on a voluntary basis and the identification of mechanisms for the management of interventions in the event of an emergency, as also referred to in the reporting to Parliament and Government transmitted today.

With the new update method, the value of the raw material component for gas protection will be published on the Authority’s website at the beginning of each month following the reference month.

They come introduced specific transparency obligations for sellers that, in case of need for price recalculations with respect to what was previously invoiced, they must not only give appropriate information in the bill (as required by the rules of Bill 2.0), but also create a special section on their website to explain, in a manner clear and understandable, the reason for the recalculation and the way in which prices are determined.

The Authority has also decided to activate a table of emergency work which will see the full involvement of consumer associations, which will have among the first tasks is to define further forms of communication and information, to make the whole process as transparent and effective as possible.

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