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TO Milan there are not only themed weeks, from fashion to wine, passing through technology and the environment. There are also roads where excellence is concentrated.
Via Spadari is one of them. There, in that piece of the historic center, a stone’s throw from the Duomo, taste is king. A bit like the big names in via Montenapoleone. And for this very reason Esselunga, wanting to compete with the delights of the palate, has chosen to open its own shop, baptized “The excellences of Esselunga”, in via Spadari, where the most important showcases of made in Italy taste are concentrated. For the large-scale distribution group, leader in the sector in Italy, this is a real bet, showcasing the best specialties, focusing on gastronomy and pastry. In short, the traditional supermarket counter here, in via Spadari, becomes a shop, as if to rediscover the ancient tradition. For the moment Esselunga’s excellences are unique, an investment calibrated only in Milan, but if the experiment were to work, it is not certain that the shop will not find its double in Turin, where Esselunga is particularly strong.

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After successfully experiencing the temporary store of the Elisenda pastry shop at Christmas 2021, Esselunga, producer as well as retailer, returns a stone’s throw from the Duomo of the Lombard capital “with a larger shop and a new format, which presents the best of its products in a” neighborhood shop “, in a welcoming atmosphere where the quality of the products is combined with the care of the service built around the customer ”, explains the managers of the company. The gastronomy offers a selection of exclusive products enriched by the self-service display of the “Esselunga Kitchen” line, a brand created to identify the range of ready meals. The line was born from a over 30 years of tradition, when the company began to create its own dishes in the kitchen of its productions in Limito di Pioltello. There will also be sushi, tartare, poké, fresh bread and scones with a selection of wines to combine with purchases. The pastry shop with cafeteria is a space reserved for Elisenda, born in collaboration with the starred restaurant Da Vittorio of the Cerea brothers. The store also provides a booking service with home delivery. In the shop in via Spadari it is also possible to find the products of the “Esselunga kitchen” line, born from the union of quality, craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, with over 200 ready-made gastronomic dishes designed and prepared by the famous brand in its kitchens.

The line, constantly evolving to satisfy the tastes of all customers, has guaranteed freshness 365 days a year for more than 30 years and offers the best recipes of the Italian and world tradition, always respecting its history, regionality and seasonality. The assortment includes the great classics, heritage of authentic flavors from every region of Italy, recipes from the world, the best dishes in the world reworked with respect for traditions, balance and taste proposals, for a balanced meal without sacrificing taste and finally, the hot rotisserie: delicious recipes prepared on the spit and in the oven. In other words, in via Spadari there is not only the classic assortment of large retailers, but an offer developed around premium products for a pop-up store that expresses the values ​​of the brand within a more articulated communication project that in November, between 7 and 17, will see the Food Truck as protagonist in Milan, a vehicle that will allow the Milanese to taste the specialties for free gastronomic Esselunga. To complete the shop, the cafeteria for breakfast or coffee breaks and an outdoor area where you can taste the specialties purchased.

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