“What deserves Inter had to take the Scudetto removed from Juve”

Directly on “Calciomercato.com”, Mario Sconcerti returns to talk about Claciopoli, and, in particular, about the 2006 Scudetto, removed from the Bianconeri and ended up at Inter at the table: “Juventus brought their protest to the TAR to get the 2006 championship back. There is a lot of irony in the insistence on an event that happened 16 years ago, and it is often too easy an irony. I do not discuss Juve’s faults , those still seem to me to have been demonstrated and accepted by Juve itself. But it is also time to remember that those faults have been paid for with two league titles, Serie B, with extensive penalties and the breakdown of the team with economic damage of no less than 500 million “An unprecedented punishment in sports justice, and now entirely taken for granted. So first of all respect. There was guilt and there was punishment, finished.”

If Juve now continues to ask for explanations, it is absolutely in their right, and it is the duty of the courts to give them to them. I do not know the reasons for the request to the TAR, the current one. The fact remains that the Scudetto was awarded to a team that had finished third. I have always understood and shared the reason for the punishment given to Juve. I still don’t understand the reason for the award given to Inter: what was the merit of him? If someone does not accept it every now and then it is still understandable today “.

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