What did Celso Portioli have to do with the September 11 attacks?

Every time the anniversary comes around, internet users once again link the Southern Bluefin Tuna presenter with the biggest terrorist attack in US history

Every time the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, which threw two planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, comes, Internet users are reminded: Celso Portioli, the host of SBT’s “Domingo Legal” was not responsible for the largest terrorist attack in U.S. history. But how did this relationship come about?

According to information from historical adventurethe “rumor” was supposed to have started in February 2019, when an anonymous user created the page. “Celso Portioli had nothing to do with September 11th” On facebook.

Therefore, a group of Internet users, advocates, “Fucking post” – A form of comedy that doesn’t necessarily have to make sense – uses Portioli’s images in various situations, such as a trip to the United States, to create subliminal messages and symbols, creating a theory that the host is responsible for the attack. began to strengthen and other justifications for strengthening the connection.

The fact that Celso Portioli’s name has 14 letters, like “September 11”, was also used as evidence, as well as several montages in which the presenter appeared in typical Arab attire.

And despite the seriousness of the historical episode, Portioli does not seem to mind the joke and in January 2021 decided to “participate” in it, posting it on his own social networks. The mysterious “September 11th” was released on “Theorist”. To madness:

That same month, Portioli also sent audio. Mauricio Sid, the creator of the blog “Não Salvo” mocks this supposed connection with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2021. Check it out below.

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