What do we celebrate on September 8th? Today is International Journalists Day and International Literacy Day

today September 8th is celebrated international day journalistsimilarly international literacy day.

According to the International Organization of Journalists (OIP), each September 8th Since 1958, international journalists day.

Also, international literacy day It has been declared by the United Nations (UN) since 1965 and is celebrated on September 8th every year.

Why isn’t Journalists’ Day celebrated today, September 8th, in Mexico?

During the 4th conference of OIP held in Romania, each September 8th will be celebrated as International Journalists’ Day.

This is after his death Julius Husik, author and journalist Czechoslovakian executed by the Nazis in 1943.

Every year on September 8th, international journalists day The importance of journalism and its activities in the pursuit of truth and the protection of freedom of expression is emphasized.

Similarly, on September 8, International Journalists’ Day, we remember the challenges and crimes committed against those who carry out this work around the world.

This September 8th is celebrated as International Journalists’ Day all over the world, but Mexico and other countries also have their own Journalists’ Day.

For example, he Journalists’ Day in Mexico is celebrated every year on January 4th To commemorate the 1926 death of Manuel Caballero, considered the father of modern Mexican journalism.

These are other dates celebrated in European and Latin American countries. In addition to September 8th, there is also Journalists Day.:

  • Argentina – June 7th
  • Bolivia – May 10th
  • Brazil – April 7th
  • Colombia – February 9th and August 4th
  • Costa Rica – May 30th
  • Cuba – March 14th
  • Chile – July 11th
  • El Salvador – July 31
  • Guatemala – November 30th
  • Honduras – May 25th
  • Mexico – January 4th
  • Nicaragua – March 1st
  • Panama – November 13th
  • Paraguay – April 26th
  • Peru – October 1st
  • Dominican Republic – April 5th
  • Uruguay – October 23
  • Venezuela – June 27th
  • Spain – January 24th
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September 8th this year is International Journalists Day. (Michael Hussert/Unsplash)

This year September 8th will also be celebrated as International Literacy Day.

In addition to the Today, September 8th, is International Journalists Day. International Literacy Day is also celebrated.

International Literacy Day has been celebrated around the world since it was declared by the United Nations in 1965.

International Literacy Day aims to assess the literacy rates of member countries.

At first there was, but international literacy day Each country is evaluated on how many people can read and write, and from 2017 this will also be taken into consideration. digital literacy.

In other words, International Literacy Day also takes into account which people have the ability to understand and use new technologies, including the Internet.

This year’s theme for 2023 is international literacy day To promote literacy in a world in transition towards peaceful and sustainable societies.

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September 8th of this year is International Literacy Day (Ismail Salad Osman Hajj Direct/Unsplash)

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