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Anne Hathaway she is certainly one of the most followed contemporary actresses by the international public. With multiple successes, one of her most famous roles is her as Princess Mia Thermopolis, heroine of the boys of the 2000s. The iconic film is about to return: what do we know about the release of pretty princess.

Pretty princess, icon of 2000s teen movies

The film centered on the princess of Genovia has been a point of reference for all millennials and beyond. The story: cheerful, funny, light but with a message, it manages to involve you, and make you smile, giving hope to all the insecure girls of having their chance to become someone, in a world full of appearances, remaining themselves. Mine, in fact, is one American girl, awkward and scruffywho discovers that she is the princess of a kingdom called Genovia, for this reason she begins preparations for the throne, with many gaffes.

Pretty princess is a message of self-love, originality and authenticity, with a pinch of imagination, which is why it has managed to win so many followers, thanks above all to an exceptional cast.

The Pretty princess films, having also produced a second part, represent a fundamental step in Hathaway’s journey, who acquires a lot of visibility and fame, in both films, although the second chapter has not enjoyed the same success as the first, especially regarding the opinions of the critics.

Pretty princess 3, the return to the cinema: what we know about the release

However, Disney claimed to be working on the production of the third chapter of the fairytale story. The story continues with the life of the new princess, certainly focusing on new developments in her life as the new queen of Genovia. Anne Hathaway hasn’t done any spoilers yet regarding his presence in the film, although many of the cast, and director are taking part in the project.

We hope to see our beloved actress again as the queen, after all it was her performance above all that made the films so iconic.

Unfortunately, one of the production’s pivotal actresses, Julie Andews, who played Mia’s aunt will not be part of the cast. We don’t know the reasons, but the very famous actress, best known for her role as Mary Poppins, refused the proposal to return to the aristocratic realm. Hathaway still hopes for the participation of her colleague, who played one of the most important roles in the story, being Queen Clarissa Renaldi.

At this point, we await the new production, directed by Aadrita Mukerji.

Waiting for the release of Pretty princess 3, run then to see the first two chapters of Genovia’s funniest American princess.

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