What does Kim Kardashian think about Kanye West’s relationship with Julia Fox?

Kanye West’s relationship with Julia Fox is booming. The couple confirmed their relationship with a hot photo session. Fans are not only interested in the development of the relationship, but also what the current wife of rapper Kim Kardashian thinks about the new relationship.

Life Kim Kardashian and Kanye West that’s nice stuff for a show. Once considered a mega-compatible couple, for several years struggling with many crises. In the end, the celebrity decided to file for divorce. Without looking back, she fell into the comedian’s arms at the same time Pete Davidson.

Kanye West did not remain in debt to her, and he found comfort just as quickly. He took turns provoking rumors of new romances and pleading with Kim to return home. His pleas were of no avail, because the celebrity’s relationship with Pete made it clear that he would not get along with the rapper.

So Kanye stopped trying and started dating the younger actress Julia Fox. The couple quickly confirmed the relationship and now the media are eagerly awaiting new details, while also following what is going on with Kim.

Kanye West’s girlfriend has a HUSBAND! What do we know about Julia Fox?

Now the media reports what Kim Kardashian says about her husband’s new relationship. If the rapper thought that this would make a celebrity jealous, he did a good job of miscalculating. Kim supposedly doesn’t care about it! Of course, it is not known how much truth there is, but the sources clearly state:

Even comparisons to Julia Fox do not bother her. He knows Kanye is a designer and creative person, so it has always been the language of love for him and the way he shows affection to someone he likes.

– the source said, probably referring to the rapper and actress’ joint exits.

Other sources claim that Kim has fully departed from her marriage to Kanye and feels completely free in her new relationship with Pete.

She just wants to be completely happy and calm, not cool.

– another source said.

The media has no doubts that Kim wants the best for Kanye and she cares about having good contact with him for the sake of the children.

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