What does Olivia Wilde’s dog have to do with Harry Styles and the end of his marriage?

There is no peace for Olivia Wildeafter various feuds on the set of the film Don’t Worry Darling between her, Shia LaBeouf and Florence Pugh, the nanny’s burning statements of children with ex-partner Jason Sudeikis.

The truth about Don’t Worry Darling: the cold war between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh and the drama with Shia LaBeouf

The woman told the alleged details of the affair with Harry Styles: from the messages exchanged between the singer and the actress, discovered by Sudeikis on her Apple Watchatdiscord salad prepared by Olivia for Harry that would have sent the ex into a rage, causing him to lie down under the car to prevent the delivery.

In the story between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles there is a special salad and an extreme gesture from the ex

Olivia Wilde reveals the salad recipe with which she conquered Harry Styles

Okay, but in all of this, what does the poor dog have to do with it? The nanny revealed that the pet named Gordy hasn’t been spending much time with his owner lately. According to the woman, in fact, Olivia Wilde would have neglected Gordy to be able to hang out freely with Styles.

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To break the silence and deny these heavy statementsi think about it the animal shelter MaeDae from Los Angeles with an IG post:

«Well, you may have heard of Gordy in these hours, so we want to set things straight. Gordy was adopted by Olivia Wilde at the age of two months, and after having given him so much love and given so many travels and adventures, [Wilde] he realized that Gordy didn’t like to travel and wasn’t comfortable with small children. Gordy has developed a very strong bond with her dog walkersand then after much discussion and having made these considerations it was brought back to him for his own good».

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