What features should an ideal smartphone have?

A smartphone that meets the expectations of users, in addition to good components, should help in everyday life.

An example of such a device is a Motorola smartphone from the flagship edge series – the edge 20 pro model, which has been equipped with a number of useful and practical functions. The phone boasts 5G technology, an efficient Snapdragon Qualcomm 870 processor and as much as 12 GB of RAM – but that’s not all!

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Do you want very good photos?

The periscope lens provides 5x optical zoom, and the digital 50-fold, which is characteristic of spotting scopes. The number of details that we capture thanks to these parameters is really large. The Edge 20 pro uses a set of three cameras. The main one has a matrix with a resolution of 108 megapixels. With a 1 / 1.52 inch sensor size, this enables the mass of details to be captured.

“On board” is also a wide-angle lens and a 16-megapixel macro lens and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens. The camera system on the motorola edge 20 pro allows you to take bright and clear photos in poor lighting conditions. Importantly, the Nigh Vision mode works for both the main and the front cameras.

Clear, full of details and colors photos can be obtained, regardless of whether we take a selfie or photograph a landscape, family or friends long after dark. The smartphone also provides a unique blurred background effect when taking portrait photos. The artificial intelligence it uses will recognize the foreground and background on its own. The device can also record high-quality videos – resolution up to 8K. Edge 20 pro will record the image up to 960 frames per second. An interesting solution for vloggers (and not only) is the Dual Capture mode, which allows you to record and take photos using the front and rear cameras at the same time.

Motorola Edge 20 proMotorola Edge 20 pro Promotional material

A smooth screen that pleases the eye in any situation

Motorola edge 20 pro could not be considered a flagship of flesh and blood, if not for a high-class display that pleases the eye while consuming content. OLED technology provides color saturation, deep blacks and high contrast. The 6.7-inch screen, however, uses something else – HDR10 + mode, which makes the device instantly adapt to the type of content displayed.

Another advantage of the screen is the refresh rate. It is 144 Hz, which is found in high-quality gaming monitors. The method of refreshing the image guarantees perfect reproduction of movement – not only in games, but also in dynamic scenes of the series or movie. A screen of this class is perfect for tracking sports broadcasts.

Motorola Edge 20 proMotorola Edge 20 pro Promotional material

Work on your smartphone and use the PC mode

The top model in the new edge family is also a great work tool that can complement our desktop computer and / or laptop. The Ready For platform can be used in several ways. After connecting the smartphone to the computer, we start the Ready For PC mode – which means that the user gets access to two systems (Android + Windows), along with the content on one screen. Moving files from one device to another is just as simple as that.

Motorola Edge 20 proMotorola Edge 20 pro Promotional material

Entertainment on a new level

The Ready For platform also allows you to instantly connect your phone to a TV or monitor. It works in several modes (mobile desktop, video chat, games and tv) adapted to what we want to do. The smartphone can turn into a gaming pad, a camera for video calls, a remote control for switching between your favorite series and movies. It can also act as a touchpad. However, if you want to use peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, or even a professional gaming pad, it is possible – just connect the devices to the phone via Bluetooth, i.e. wirelessly

A battery that takes minutes to run for hours

The 4500 mAh battery with which the edge 20 pro is equipped easily suffices for a working day. However, when the phone runs out of power and you need to quickly recharge the device, it can be done in just 10 minutes, adding power to work for 9 hours.

TurboPower ™ 30 fast charging technology makes the motorola edge 20 pro much more practical.

Motorola Edge 20 proMotorola Edge 20 pro Promotional material

Full of intelligence

There are many more features that make the edge 20 pro unique. My UX is a comprehensive suite of tools from Motorola that empowers Android. Providing custom settings allows you to enjoy music, movies, games and device themes. My UX also allows you to control your phone with simple Moto gestures. Among them is a flashlight, which you turn on with a double flick of the phone, while the quick launch of the main camera can be triggered by turning the wrist – by doing it, we turn on the selfie camera again.

Motorola Edge 20 proMotorola Edge 20 pro Promotional material

Motorola’s flagship proposition impresses not only with top-class components, a very good camera and display. It has many functions that make it easier to work, play and everyday life. So let’s reach for a device that gives users something more.

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