What gender wage inequality has to do with economic violence

We have been working for free since October 18th and will be working for free until the end of the year. What do you mean, for free? It is the mathematical result of the gender pay gap calculated by Istat, i.e. the different remuneration between men and women who hold the same job within a company: yes, women in Italy earn about 20 percent less of their male colleagues, the equivalent of 73 calendar days.

It’s not like this everywhere, I’m thinking of schools and public administration, places where the male is not rewarded as male, and coincidentally the female presence is more numerous. But this is the case in many companies and even in one of the richest industries, such as American cinema. I remember when Jennifer Lawrence complained that she was paid 5 million dollars less than Leonardo DiCaprio to co-star in the film ddon’t look up to the cry of “Beacuse of my vagina”, as successful American women do straight and frankly.

Wage discriminationI said, here on earth and not only in the Olympus of Hollywood, it produces poorer, weaker and more vulnerable women, often victims of veconomic violence, who isn’t the one who uses beatings or insults to hurt you but obsessively controls your expenses and deprives you of your freedom.

I know what it’s like to lose a great job, as probably happened to many of us in the last five years, and I know what it’s like to roll up your sleeves and accept precarious and often not adequately paid situations. It’s an injustice, more, it’s a cracked rib that hurts as soon as you move and never seems to heal.

At this point I could comfort myself with other data, for example with the ACLI research on women graduates in STEM disciplines who earn as much and perhaps more than their male colleagues, but in reality I would like to shatter that male and predatory culture that has set us aside in centuries and which destroys us in the pursuit of values ​​and objectives that are not necessarily ours. This is why today I wonder if that wage gap is a plus in wealth that should be taken away from the wealthy male and reinvested in the Earth, in the planet, poetic and creative money, capable in turn of generating more wealth.

This is the battle I would like to do to change the world, not slaughtering myself to earn more, but working for the sharing of well-being and sustainability projects. Here, now, for me, for everyone.

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