What happened to her face ?! Actress Ashley Judd talks about using botox with medical treatment


Ashley Judd was heavily attacked on social media for her bloated appearance and decided to reveal everything about the use of botox, condemning the ” wild misogynists of both sexes who revealed themselves”.

The 51-year-old actress posted a statement on Instagram condemning the haters’ criticism. “Healthy self-esteem, good limits and unwavering knowledge about yourself. These things are essential from the time I wake up,” said the Hollywood star. 

Talking about the attacks that refer to her appearance, Ashley made it clear. ” I consider this a sexist way of distracting my political speech: the hatred comes in response to a video in which I support a presidential candidate ” in the United States. 

But since the doubt was in the air, the actress decided to answer. “All I know is that I have been struggling with migraines for over a year, and this disease affects one in four households in the United States. It is the third most common disease in the world. We all have or know someone who does.  One of the standard treatments for migraines it is botox and my insurance pays for 31 injections every 12 weeks (My friends advised me not to talk about medical facts, as they could be used against me, but I think it is honest and a public health message. Be ashamed if you distort my words) “.

The actress adds that she does not take these criticisms so seriously and sees this moment as essential to “maintain inner peace, despite the patriarchy and all those who participate in it, be they, men and women”.

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Some of my reflections concerning the misogynistic hullabaloo that has recently swirled around me.

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