what happened to Jane Foster after Dark World?

Despite a cameo in Avengers: Endgame, Jane Foster’s last appearance in the MCU was in Thor: The Dark World in 2013, and since the character of Natalie Portman will return nine years later in Thor: Love & Thunderit is legitimate to ask: what has happened to her in all this time in the MCU?

Despite a promising start, Jane Foster has had a difficult journey in the MCU. Except for Avengers: Endgamefor which Natalie Portman did not shoot new scenes (her cameo was inserted thanks to archival material) Jane did indeed appear only twice in the saga, in Thor And Thor: The Dark World, a film that to date represented his last appearance. Since then, she has only been mentioned in passing by name in Avengers: Age of Ultronwhere Thor informed his companions (and the public) that Jane would not be attending the party at Tony Stark’s house because she was too busy with work, and then two years later in Thor: Ragnarokwhen a Thor fan notices that the Thunder God and Jane have broken up.

So, what happened to her between The Dark World And Love & Thunder? Although a concrete answer on their relationship will come in Thor Love & Thunder, as anticipated by the creative team, we know that Jane was not very keen on the distance between her and the Son of Odinas shown in The Dark World, where, after they got together, she slapped him asking where he had been all that time. Probably, cliché as it may seem, the long distance (the two were literally worlds apart) contributed to the breakup between Jane and Thor.

Furthermore, Kevin Feige had explained Jane’s absence from Thor Ragnarok pointing out that the story took place far from Earth, on Sakaar, the junk planet run by the Grand Master. As an Earthling Jane remains on her planet, as the team did not find no reason to forcibly include it in the story. Natalie Portman herself supported this decision, even though rumors had suggested del bad mood in the actress for the narrative arc of Jane’s eternal damsel in distress: true or not, this complaint with Love & Thunder she is clearly destined to disappear, as Jane will now be the Mighty Thor, worthy to lift the Mjolnir hammer.

For more reading, find out why Natalie Portman chose to return in Thor Love & Thunder. The film, we remember, will be released in Italy from 6 July next.

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