What happened to the iconic cast?

Scrolling through the Amazon Prime catalog you can also find it The OC, the iconic TV series of the 2000s which still today, thanks to the internet, continues to produce ratings and attract new fans. As has happened to other shows, this Californian series has also transformed over time into a piece of television history, attracting not only nostalgics but also the new generations who see an almost vintage air in the program. Yes because in fact almost twenty years have passed since the broadcast of the first episode. Speaking of the beloved cast of The OC, the usual question arises: what happened to them the actors and actresses? Who has managed to stay in the world of entertainment and who has ended up by the wayside?

The OC unforgettable characters

Even today when by chance you hear California here we come of Phantom Planet on the radio one immediately thinks of Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer. The characters in the series were really intriguing and, whether they were nice or hateful, they managed to be remembered. When they introduced us Ryan Atwood we all immediately saw the golden boy lurking under that fake bad boy air. We rooted episode after episode for Seth And Summer, clearly intended to be together from the first moment. Not to mention Marissa who, spoiler alert, still doesn’t go down on how she was treated by the writers, her death was one of those stabbings that no one expected. Even among the adult characters in the series there was no shortage of drama: betrayals, economic problems, divorces on the one hand and the perfect Cohen family on the other. For all four seasons this gang has not ceased to amaze the audience.

The OC: where are Ryan and Marissa today

Most of the young protagonists of OC started their careers with this show. At the time it aired the series was a huge success and for some the sudden fame was too much. Others, on the other hand, have decided to devote themselves to something else in life or simply have not been able to get new roles. In short, let’s see where all these actors are today.

Let’s start with the main character: Ryan Atwoodor Ben McKenzie in real life. After filming OC McKenzie continued his career in the world of television obtaining important roles first in Southland and later in Gotham, a prequel TV series of Batman where he plays the famous Inspector Gordon. On the latter set he met his current wife, his colleague Morena Baccarin, with whom he had two children.

Marissa Cooper was instead played by Misha Barton, like her character, the actress also had some problems growing up. She ended up in rehab in 2007 after a drunk driving arrest and subsequently checked herself in to take care of her mental health. After her OC she the actress managed to land numerous small roles and is still in the business.

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The OC’s Summer and Seth: where they are today

Instead, let’s see what happened to the actors of the second young couple in love who competed with Ryan and Marissa on the show. After OC Adam Brodyaka Seth Cohenhas appeared in numerous successful films including Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Jennifer’s Body, Scream 4, numerous romantic comedies and The Oranges, on the set of which he met his future wife Leighton Meester with whom he is happily married and shares two children.

Rachel Bilson, the actress he played Summer Roberts, continued his career in entertainment by landing the lead role in the TV series Hart of Dixie. She also acted in some films, mainly comedies, and also appeared in How I met your mother and Chuck. She recently came under the spotlight after her relationship with actor Bill Harder ended.

The OC: where the adult cast is today

Many of the actors hired to play the adult figures in the series already had some acting experience. For instance Peter Gallagher got the role of the iconic Sandy Cohen, Seth’s father, after several Broadway shows and an appearance in American Beauty. After OC Gallagher starred in some TV series including Law & Order, Californication and New Girl but also in films such as Burlesque and Step Up Revolution. He is currently engaged in Grey’s Anatomy, on the set of which he found a colleague of OC, Chris Carmack who played Marissa’s obnoxious boyfriend in the first season.

Kelly Rowan, the actress cast to play Seth’s mother, had a baby girl soon after the show and has mostly focused on being a mother in recent years. She stand out her role in the series Perception and the many projects she has starred in before her OC

The actor who played Jimmy CooperMarissa’s father, is Tate Donovan, after the show he managed to make the big leap into cinema by landing roles in big Oscar-winning films like Argo, Manchester by the Sea and Rocketman. He also continued to work for television in several series and his last film was Respect.

Finally we have the actress Melinda Clark who instead played Marissa’s mother, Julie. She has acted in some television series including Gotham, Nikita and The Vampire Diaries but her last engagement dates back to 2018. She Today she dedicates herself to the podcast Welcome to the OC, B ******! along with former colleague Rachel Bilson.

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