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The presence of the violin spider in the capital becomes more and more threatening: cases boom in a few hours. The testimony of a pharmacist

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Alarm violin spider in Rome. The sudden increase in confirmed cases of bite of the dangerous arachnid, reported in particular between the Laurentino and Portuense districts, raised the alert level among experts. Within a few hours, a neighborhood pharmacy registered as many as five citizens with certification aimed at requesting medicines for treatment.

The alarm of a pharmacist in Rome

The newspaper ‘Leggo’ picked up on the matter testimony of the owner of the pharmacy in question, Roberto Adrower. “In a few days we have seen patients with real sores“He said, explaining that the arachnid bite after 24-36 hours starts to cause itching and pain.

“Hand to hand a sore with pus and blood opens. Like the so-called decubitus ones, ”he added. Once the sting is ascertained by the attending physician, patients should take antibiotics and cortisones.

According to the pharmacist’s story, attention needs to be raised and more controlled green areas, both public and private. “All the patients – she pointed out – tell us they have been stung in the open. One of them even on the nose and now has serious discomfort. I’ve never seen anything like it ”.

The characteristics of the violin spider

The violin spider despite being of modest size, by measuring between 7 and 9 millimetersis extremely dangerous because of his poison.

Scientifically named Loxosceles rufescensis known by the adjective “violin” for one characteristic stain present on the body that recalls the musical instrument.

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A specimen of a violin spider

The arachnid is from brownish-yellowish color and boasts long legs. Not withstanding the winter temperatures, during the cold seasons it tends to seek refuge in our homes.

On the other hand, in the warmer periods it is easier to find it in open spaces, such as gardens. It is a predominantly spider night: during the day it remains holed up in ravines and crevices.

What happens if you get bitten

The violin spider bite is initially asymptomatic, but gets worse as the hours go by. The lesion appears red and provoking itching and burning. It can become necrotic and can even ulcerate.

Together with the poison the arachnid is able to carry in the tissues too anaerobic bacteria (living in the absence of oxygen), whose action can lead to liquefaction of the tissues.

In severe cases, in addition to fever, skin rash and bruising, they can occur also damage to the muscles and kidneys.


How to recognize the violin spider?

The violin spider has a yellowish-brown color and measures between 7 and 9 millimeters. On the body it has a characteristic spot that recalls the musical instrument from which it takes its name. It is one of the most dangerous arachnids in Italy.

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