What happens in Ukraine between Zelensky and Amnesty International

Amnesty International discredits Ukrainian forces and justifies Russian attacks? According to Volodymyr Zelensky, yes. The Ukrainian president himself is hurled against the humanitarian association after their latest report published yesterday, 4 August. Here both the army of Fly than that of Kiev for endangering civilians and thereby violating international humanitarian law. But Zelensky doesn’t fit. «Today we have seen a relationship that unfortunately tries to to amnesty the terrorist state and to shift the responsibility from the aggressor to the victimHe said in a video message accusing Amnesty of equating oppressed and oppressor.

If some data about the victim is analyzed and what the attacker was doing at the time is ignored, this cannot be tolerated. There is no condition, not even a hypothetical one, for any Russian attack on Ukraine to become justified. If you post such manipulative relationshipsso you must share with them the responsibility for the death of people.

Volodymyr Zelensky

What the Amensty report says

Between April and July Amnesty International sent its researchers to the Donbassto Kharkiv it’s at Mykolaiv. Here they spoke with survivors and relatives of the victims and carried out various analyzes. At the end of this period they reported that they had found that «the Ukrainian forces they launch attacks from within residential areas and they have settled in civilian buildings in 19 towns and villages in the region ”. By doing so, the association reports in the report, the army would have chosen to endanger the populationalthough there were “alternatives available, such as military bases, densely wooded areas or other more distant structures.”

“Hospitals and schools as military bases”

Not just residential areas. Amnesty reports that Ukrainian troops also use hospitals and the schools how military bases. What the NGO is asking is therefore that neither side to the conflict “locates military targets near or within densely populated areas“. In closing the report, Amnesty reports that many of the Russian attacks in recent months have been carried out with explosive weapons with wide-ranging effects that are banned internationally. In this regard, they then specify that the «Ukrainian practice of locating military targets in residential areas cannot in any way justify this type of Russian attacks».

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