what happens to cholesterol and blood sugar

Compared to almost all other cured meats, considered decidedly unhealthy, the bresaola represents for many an exception: this form of health rather characteristic of the Piedmont-Lombardy area of ​​our country, bresaola is an uncooked and unsmoked cured meat produced above all in the Valtellina area.

Considered less “heavy” and less harmful, bresaola, especially in the version that has earned the IGP classification, is made using beef, specifically with the tip of the animal’s hip but also the silverside and the magatello. In other areas of northern Italy, variants of bresaola are produced, “coming” from other animals.

Eating bresaola every day: what happens to cholesterol and blood sugar

Compared to other cured meats, bresaola is decidedly low in fat, to the point of being often recommended in low-calorie diets, while it is very nutritious, a source of proteins, minerals and vitamins, while it is practically absent any carbohydrate intake. In short, a real exception that confirms the “unhealthy” rule of cured meats.

The preparation as mentioned, does not require any form of cooking: the leanest meat is selected and subjected to a period of seasoning and salting, and after spending some time in brine, it is placed in a casing not too different from that used for the realization of the other sausages.

Despite its good reputation, the salt intake does not make it suitable to be consumed every day, above all because it can favor the appearance of “bad” cholesterol, which leads to problems that affect the cardiovascular system. Less problems for those suffering from “ballerina” blood sugar, especially if you choose a quality product, given the almost zero content of any form of sugar in the bresaola.

In general, however, a daily intake of no more than 200/250 grams is recommended for a healthy person, and to avoid constant consumption for those suffering from generally high blood sugar and cholesterol.

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