What happens when Hamilton and Verstappen have the same number of points?

We are just two races away from the end of the amazing match that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are taking on the Formula 1 tracks this year. Ultimately, any point can be extremely important. But what if both drivers finish the season with the same score?

A point more valuable than gold

The scoring system that is well known from previous years applies to this season. For winning the race, the driver receives 25 points. The second place is worth 18 and the third is worth fifteen. Successive drivers to the tenth position receive points according to the key 12-10-8-6-4-2-1.

Additionally, each driver who finishes the race in the top ten can receive a bonus point for the best time of a single lap of the race. This year we have seen many times the tire changes on the last laps to compete for an additional prize. However, if the player with the best time is outside the top ten, then no one gets a bonus point.

This year, sprint races were additionally scored. The top three received three, two and one points, respectively. This season there will be no sprint competition. Max Verstappen scored seven out of nine possible points, and Lewis Hamilton just two.

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What could happen?

Max Verstappen is currently leading the table with 351.5 points. Second Lewis Hamiltoin is eight points behind the Dutchman. The simplest math says that if the Brit wins both races, he will be the world champion. The results of the Red Bull driver will not matter, even if he is twice the second and scores bonus points for the fastest laps of the race. In that case, Hamilton would have been better by four points at the end of the season.

One stumble of the Briton, however, could mean that the situation will be even more even. So what happens when both of them accumulate the same number of points? Will we have a coin toss, or maybe the players will be armwrestling?

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The rules say it all

The world motorsports federation, however, predicted a situation where several riders would end the season with the same number of points. The sporting regulations make it clear that if two or more competitors or constructors finish the season with the same number of points, then the number of races won will decide the higher place. If there is still a tie, second places will be counted. If it is still not possible to determine a winner, the third, fourth and further positions will be considered consecutively. Max Verstappen has won nine races this season. Lewis Hamilton tasted the winning champagne seven times.

What if math fails? If the above method of selecting a better driver does not work, the FIA ​​has stipulated in the regulations that it will designate the winner according to any criteria it deems appropriate.

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