what if Jack Dawson had never existed? The crazy fan theory

The love story between Jack and Rose in titanic is probably the best-known romance in movies. However, a fan theory states that Mr. Dawson would never have existed… And that therefore, Rose would never have been in a relationship with him. Explanations!

titanic is a huge flashback to a story told by Rose, an elderly woman. And it is precisely on this point that the theory is based: Jack would have been invented by Rose, which would explain in passing several inconsistencies present in the film. In fact, there is no trace of Jack on board the Titanic since he won his ticket by playing. Rose is therefore the only person who has crossed paths with mister Dawson, and according to @Luis_HMG on Twitter, nothing can concretely prove its existence… Apart from the words of Rose!

Jack did not exist in titanic

Rose narrates the whole story of the film which is in reality only a memory of an elderly lady… Which would explain several errors in the work of James Cameron. The tweeter points out: For a film that seems very historically correct, we notice that most of the errors revolve around Jack. He mentions, for example, Lake Wissota where Jack went fishing… but this artificial lake dates from 1917, five years after the sinking. The character of Leonardo Dicaprio also evokes the roller coaster at Santa Monica Pier, which dates back to 1916.

Hilo de porque Jack de Titanic nunca existed, si no que fue una fantasía de Rose: pic.twitter.com/QPwq9Fej24

— Luisenciado (@Luis_HMG) July 4, 2020

For him, it is impossible that James Cameron could have made so many anachronisms in titanic, so much he learned to make the film. If these errors are present, and precisely affect Jack, it would be because Rose imagined this character and invented a life for him. His old age could have played tricks on him and therefore, this would explain the errors in the dates. Also, another fan points out that Jack comes into Rose’s life when she was about to jump. She would therefore have created Jack to escape from her daily life, whose life was already mapped out.

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