What is and what are the signs of neurological disease that affects Billie Eilish

Prepeatedly baiting the eyes, making nonsensical vocalizations and making sudden facial movements. These behaviors may actually be symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome, a chronic neurological disorder that manifests early, but which can easily be confused with other pathologies, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety or hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit.

The cause of tics is still poorly understood and there is no magic formula for dealing with the disease. The good news is that “which can be treated and controlled with the help of effective therapies”, as explained by the network of clinics and hospitals Lusíadas. Examples of this are behavioral therapies, anxiolytics, neuroleptics, psychotherapy and deep brain stimulation.

Have you ever found yourself asking the question: Is it tics or Tourette’s syndrome? See below the symptoms that, according to the CUF health network, you should pay close attention to:

  • Repeatedly blinking the eyes;
  • make faces;
  • Moving the head from side to side;
  • Coughing, clearing your throat, sniffing or spitting;
  • Shrug or shrug your shoulders;
  • Stretch your arms, snap your fingers, clap your hands or make other movements with your arms and hands;
  • Kicking, jumping, turning, twisting or making other foot and leg movements;
  • Repeat certain words;
  • Swearing or making obscene gestures;
  • Scream, moan, hiss, grunt or make other sounds.

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