What is Courteney Cox’s Challenge, the new challenge viral that won the actress of Friends

A few weeks ago,

Courteney Cox,

known for playing Monica in


posted a video

in your account of Instagram without thinking that he would initiate a new challenge viral.

In the edited clip in reverse,

the actress appears in bikini exiting a swimming pool,

placing a beat, takes a drink and puts on some sunglasses while it sounds the topic of Missy Elliott, “Work it”.

After almost 3 millions of views and thousands of comments, the followers of the celebrity started to realize the challenge and to imitate it: the hashtag #courteneycoxchallenge started to become viral, with publications from other celebrities and influencers and also supporters that they had a pool to hand and the right climate to carry forward the challenge.

Some of the samples of the challenge, which was recorded in various parts of the world:

In addition to the impact of your video, Courteney, shocked many with his svelte figure at the age of 55. So, you received comments from other actresses like Kaley Cuoco, Busy Phillipps, Isla Fisher, and Ashley Tisdale.

In your account of Instagram, Cox can be seen by recalling old moments


adding to the challenges such as “how you’ll look in old age”, or sharing moments with her friends, including Jennifer Aniston. And, although today is the may notice very sure of his own image, in the past has confessed that it is difficult to age in Hollywood. “For a woman in this industry, the fact of growing old is not easy. But I’ve learned the lesson,” said Cox a few years ago. “Sometimes you try to fight against the passage of time and pursue the youth. (…) You try, but one day you see a picture of yours and you think, ‘Oh, God, I’m horrible’. I’ve done things that I regret and, fortunately, other that will dissolve and go.”


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