What is “Gaslit” the new series with Julia Roberts about

Do you know what “gaslit” means? Indicates someone who has been gaslighted or manipulated into believing that something they believed to be true (and knew to be true) was not. Gaslit is the title of the highly anticipated new series with Julia Roberts which tells the story of Martha Mitchell wife of President Nixon’s loyal attorney general, John Mitchell, played by Sean Penn. In the background is Watergate, the biggest political scandal in American history which led to the impeachment and resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974, but this time less well-known stories and characters emerge.

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No wonder the expression “Martha Mitchell effect” exists for someone who has been gaslighted. Ms. Mitchell was a woman who knew too much and talked too much to be the attorney general’s wife: in Washington, she was called “the mouth of the South.” She had opinions on everything from the Vietnam War to the political decisions of those years and was always ready to telephone the press for interviews. When she was the first Republican to recount that White House officials were involved in illegal activity, her remarks were attributed to mental illness.. When she reported being taken hostage and drugged in a hotel room by men close to the president to prevent her from leaving the hotel and phoning the press she was described as insane, hysterical and an alcoholic.

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Julia Roberts plays Martha Mitchell in “Gaslit”

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Although Martha Mitchell’s story has not yet been fully clarified, books have been written and podcasts published about her such as Slow burn by Leon Neyfak which inspired the series. Julia Roberts will have the task of bringing to the screen a complex, thorny, contradictory woman. She is a “conservative cheerleder” as the executive producer of the series Robbie Pickering defined her, but also the “Cassandra of Watergate” as she was called after the scandal. The series directed by Matt Ross consists of 8 episodes and will be available on StarzPlay starting from April 24th.

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