What is it and how does it work?

In this article, we’ll explain how iCloud Photos works. We’ll look at the different iPhone models that have this feature, how to activate it, and in addition, we’ll look at where you can access the content. If you’ve never tried an iPhone before and want to learn more about the Apple ecosystem, we’ve got all the details for you.

In broad terms, iCloud Photos is a feature that allows us to synchronize all audiovisual content (photos and videos) on our phone with cloud storage. If unfortunately our phone is stolen, our photos and videos will be saved in the cloud and we won’t lose them.

While we can view the entire library in the native Photos app, what we’ll actually see is the image backed up in iCloud. All the space occupied by our materials is no longer inside the iPhone, but in the cloud. From this basic definition, iCloud Photos allows us to perform various types of tasks.

iCloud Photos: Compatible devices

Any iPhone model with an Internet connection, Apple ID, and iCloud access will be compatible with iCloud Photos. In fact, all iPhone models sold in recent years have this feature that can be activated.

To view synced photos and videos, we can do this through the native Photos application or the official iCloud website, accessed through a browser.

icloud website

Are iCloud Photos free or paid?

iCloud Photos, Essentially, it’s a completely free feature. In Apple’s cloud space, what costs money is the storage space we need. Initially, all Apple accounts have 5GB of memory space, so if we have few photos and videos, we can sync them to iCloud Photos without paying any fees.

Now, the fact is that if we rent a larger memory space, we will be able to use this feature without space constraints. This is where you have to pay.

new icloud plan

How to activate iCloud Photos

After entering the Apple ID data we will have access to the iCloud configuration panel, where we can make different modifications using services with cloud compatibility.

icloud photo sync

In the latest versions of iOS, you must visit Settings > Our Name (Apple ID) > iCloud > Apps that use iCloud. At this point we must look for the Photos application and click on it.When we’ve done this, a context menu will open with the first option called Sync with this iPhone. If we press it, the synchronization of our iPhone’s materials with the cloud will start in the background and the local memory of our device will be cleared, since everything will be saved remotely.

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