What is Shining Girls, the new Apple TV + series with Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss has momentarily left Gilead and The Handmaid’s Tale (but has already been widely confirmed for season five), only to end up in a worse nightmare on Apple TV +, with the miniseries Shining Girls.

The origins

In 2013, South African writer Lauren Beukes published the novel The Shining Girls (The assayer, 2013) winning the Strand Magazine award, the RT Thriller of the year and the most prestigious South African award, the University of Johannesburg award. The rights would later be acquired by Leonardo DiCaprio and his Appian Way to produce a series for Apple TV +. So what happens in the Shining Girls (the series loses the initial article)? We are in Chicago in 1931, in the midst of the Great Depression. Homeless Harper Curtis enters a strange abandoned house, where he discovers he can travel through time to various points back to the 1980s, but the house, which is endowed with some sort of mysterious power, forces him to find and kill the “brilliant girls. ”Of the title, or women with a unique talent and personality that makes them shine. The method is simple, as much as time travel is: first he discovers women at the height of their success, then goes back in time and kills them (in a bloodthirsty way), before they become. But unbeknownst to her, one of them survives, Kirby Mazrachi, in 1989 and for her it becomes a mission to stop the killer even if the case is closed for the police. With the help of Dan, a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Timesdiscovers dozens of unsolved cases, in which Harper left objects of the future.

The series

Kirby Mazrachi (Elisabeth Moss) is a research assistant with the Chicago Sun-Times who lives with her mother Rachel (Amy Brenneman, the series Goliath) who loves punk rock. Six years before her, Kirby had been attacked and left dying by a perverse killer who had left her with physical, psychological wounds and which keeps her isolated from the rest of the world. Suspecting that her was not an isolated case, she begins investigating with colleague Dan (Wagner Moura, the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico) who carries his inner demons with him. This leads her to a hunt for an impregnable serial killer, the aforementioned Harper (Jamie Bell, the movie Rocketman, 2019). But Kirby begins to perceive inexplicable alterations of reality: sometimes they are minute details, like a different haircut, then she finds herself sitting at another desk than hers, until she arrives home and finds a husband she did not have. never had. So she finds herself in a troubled life where she doesn’t know if it’s the result of her trauma or if it’s really happening, still bringing her close to her insanity. To your knowledge, the series has taken some liberties with respect to the novel, so even if you read it, be prepared for some surprises.

The eight episodes of Shining Girls are also available from us on Apple TV + and have now reached the fifth episode, we leave you with the official trailer in Italian and in the original language.

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