What is that hollow located on the bottom of the bottles for? The reason will amaze you

The bottoms of the bottles are concave, but have you ever wondered why? The answer is surprising and comes from far away. Let’s find out together.

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The details always make the difference so much so that the bottom of the bottles it goes unnoticed, but it is very important. Digging is an element found in wine bottles, champagne and beer with a precise and ancient purpose. Drinks such as wine and beer have always been used for conviviality and even today they play a very important role for everyone.

Who at least once in their life has not held one in their hand wine bottle and wondered what why the fund was designed that way? Wine experts know this, but everyone else will be amazed because the reason is really curious.

Bottom of bottles: what is the hollowing for?

There bottle is a precious element for the preservation of wine and beverages, for this reason its characteristics must be particularly studied in detail.

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To understand the reason for its concave side, it is necessary to go back in time, when the bottles were still produced by hand. The ancient craftsmen they made the bottles through blown glass, which is why the bottom was swollen, preventing conditions of equilibrium in any case.

The craftsmen started studying how to make the bottle stable and pushed the curve in so that the elements were as they are. get used to seeing them today. Modern technology and technique has led artisans to create bottles with a flat bottom only.

Over time it was understood that it was not functional, because the drink inside released a lot of sediments and did not give quality to wines and beers. The concave bottom is also necessary for sparkling wines and champagne, because it is able to collect all the deposits on the neck which are then eliminated with the disgorgement process.

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But that’s not all, the fund studied in this way helps to make the resistant bottle to the pressure of the gas that forms inside and then helps to have greater contact with the coolant bucket.

All of these benefits they discovered themselves later, because the producers thought about the shape only as a matter of balance and to make the grip easy and very firm, making sure that the content was perfect.

Curiosities about the concave bottom of the bottles

Today, it is the machinery that makes bottles with the concave bottom perfect as per tradition. As already mentioned, all the funds remain imprisoned on the bottom and prevent them from returning to the surface.

The bottles that have an accentuated bottom are those that contain sparkling wine, even if the sediments are all placed on the neck of the bottle and then eliminated at a later time. For this reason, the structure has a different function – as described above – for the containment of the gas and the resistance up to 8 atmospheres while creating the foam.

Wine bottle
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Among the many legends, it is said that it Tsar Alexander II of Russia requested that the champagne created for him in 1867 – Louis Rœderer “Cristal” – be placed in a bottle with a flat, transparent bottom. The reason is simple, because he didn’t want anyone to place one bomb inside the bottle to kill him or his family.

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